SHHYCO - Professional in Desiccant and Humidity Pack for packaging use.
RH62% Humidity pack for Cannabis Weed Hemp

RH62% Humidity pack for Cannabis Weed Hemp

RH62% 1.5g Humidity pack

RH62% 4g Humidity pack

RH62% 8g Humidity pack

RH62% 63g Humidity pack

RH62% 1.5g Humidity pack for Cannabis Weed Hemp

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2-way humidity control packets are not new in the market. 2-way humidity control packets made without any liquid (hence do not leak), 100% biodegradable and natural material, formulated specially for the cannabis and tobacco industries, are new. The formulation inside the packets is a patented technology in the U.S.A.. The Packets deliver precise RH (+/-2%), and requires minimal intervention throughout its lifespan. An RH indicator card that comes with every packet would keep its users informed about the RH in the container, at all times. The Packets with a range of RH between 58% and 85%, is available in different sizes (in grams), catered for different needs, from curing, storage, to packaging.

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