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Filmed Cover Fiber Desiccant

Filmed Cover Fiber Desiccant

1. Different Shapes Filmed Cover Fiber Desiccant

2. Filmed Cover Fiber Desiccant for Clothing

3. Filmed Cover Fiber Desiccant for Medicine

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We’re a manufacturer who has more than 20 years of experience in researching and developing eco-friendly desiccants and humectants. Our factory has flexible production processes for various products. In order to guarantee high quality and reliable products, we have operated in strict accordance to I S O 9 0 0 1 standards with online Q A management system since 2 0 0 5.  Meanwhile, products are exported to all over the world, especially in North America and European markets.

Bagged fiber desiccant is based on environmentally degradable plant fiber, and combined with the functional materials and packaging materials to meet the customer's moisture absorption rate and other requirements. At the same time, there is no leakage risk likes silica gel desiccant, so it's very safe and reliable. It is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, health care products, biological reagents, foods and electronic products, which greatly protects the target product from being damaged by moisture. 


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