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Paste in Wooden Toys Package Box or Carton

Paste in Wooden Toys Package Box or Carton

Product function introduction:

Filmed Cover Fiber Desiccant with double adhesive, which used for wooden toys, to absorb moist and keep the it dry when packaged and delivery.

Product usage scenarios:

Paste in Wooden Toys Package Box or Carton

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Microenvironmental humidity management is closely related to product yield. If the humidity is not up to standard, the food will taste worse, the bacteria in medicine will multiply faster, the metal in electronic products will oxidize faster, and high-grade leather goods will be affected by damp and mildew. Under the circumstance of large temperature difference, some material surface is easy to produce condensation, which will wet the items in the container. The use of desiccant is to absorb the excess water in the environment and reduce the production of defective products. 

Hengyuan fiber desiccant product is a functional composite material with plant fiber as hygroscopic carrier. Can be customized according to the application scene printing, design various shapes, thicknesses, sizes, packaging, to achieve the "stealth" effect, achieve moisture absorption function, while not interfering with the product presentation effect. 

Differentiation advantages compared with traditional granular desiccant: 

1, plant fiber as the base material, environmental protection and degradable; 

2. No hidden danger of particle leakage, safe and reliable; 

3, thin sheet does not occupy space, strong applicability; 

4, the compatibility of the product is good, non-toxic (RoHS and REACH) tested by SGS, in line with environmental requirements; 

5, through the combination of "base material, functional material and packaging material" to customize the moisture absorption rate and rate. 

This series of products can be widely used in medicine, health care products, biological reagents, food, food, printed circuit boards, electronic products, electrical appliances, home furnishing, shoes and clothing, wooden toys, shipping and other moisture-proof fields. 

According to the size of the application environment, there are generally three cases: 

(1) small environment: the desiccant is placed in bottles, cans, boxes or airtight bags to keep the items in the small environment dry. 

(2) medium environment: the desiccant is used in packed cartons, buckets and cabinets to avoid the items in the package being affected by moisture. 

(3) environment: the desiccant is directly used in similar warehouses and containers to achieve the purpose of controlling the environment humidity. 

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