SHHYCO - Professional in Desiccant and Humidity Pack for packaging use.
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As a humidity management expert, SHHYCO is committed to providing and producing environmentally friendly fiber humidity products: fiber moisture control tablets and fiber desiccant.

Fiber desiccant is mainly used in the field of product transportation and packaging, in order to meet the requirements of customers moisture-proof at the same time, customers can combine the actual application needs to choose coated fiber desiccant and bag fiber desiccant.

Fiber moistening tablets are mainly used in cigar, tobacco, and cultural relics protection, greatly increasing the storage value of products.

SHHYCO has many years of humidity management experience, at the same time in the production of products to meet the refined needs of customers, in the field of humidity regulation for customers to create more commercial value of products.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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