SHHYCO - Professional in Desiccant and Humidity Pack for packaging use.

SHHYCO focuses on fiber desiccant, which is made up of a mixture of wood and cotton pulp to form a fiber adsorption substrate, and then dipped or coated with a drying liquid and then dried. Because it is paper sheet, it not only takes up little space, but also has no safety hazard of particle leakage. Under the condition of 90% ambient humidity, its moisture absorption rate is more than 80%, which is much higher than other desiccants. In addition, fiber desiccant is also the only product in China that meets the green environmental protection mark, safe and sanitary. In the past ten years, fiber desiccant has gradually been recognized by customers, and has been developed from industrial consumer products to civilian products.

Features of Fiber desiccant. 1. The plant fiber made of wood and cotton pulp is a hygroscopic substrate, which is a green product; 2. The moisture absorption rate of the fiber desiccant can be customized according to customer requirements; 3. The moisture absorption performance of the fiber desiccant is superior to other desiccants in low humidity or high humidity environment, and the saturated humidity is greater than 100%; 4, Fiber desiccant is a paper-like product, can be cut into a variety of shapes, compared with ordinary bagged granular or powder-like desiccant products, can be unique design.

Outstanding advantages of fiber desiccant compared to other traditional desiccants. 1, Environmental protection: Pure natural plant fiber is the main raw material, which is degradable and non-polluting. 2, Safety: Non-toxic and harmless. 3, High hygroscopicity: Under the condition of year-on-year, the hygroscopicity of fiber desiccant is far superior to ordinary desiccant. At the same time, the moisture absorption rate can also be adjusted as required. 4, High cost performance: because the fiber desiccant does not take up space, in the application can be combined with the packaging materials as a whole, saving the cost of integrated packaging materials. Moreover, its unique design makes the added value of fiber desiccant not just ordinary desiccant. 5, Personalized service: paper products, can be cut at will, combined with packaging for unique design. 6, Humidity control: The fiber desiccant can also be made into a humidity control material under different formulations to quickly absorb moisture and dehumidify. There is a very large application space in the civilian market.

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