SHHYCO - Professional in Desiccant and Humidity Pack for packaging use.

Humidity Pack is one of Fiber Humidity Stabilizer, which is made up of a mixture of wood and cotton pulp to form a fiber adsorption substrate, and It is packaged with a breathable film. Two-way humidity control with no need for power. Precise control over desired humidity; wide application, such as cannabis, hemp, cigar, tobacco, museum and Chinese herbal.

Different application is different RH (Relative Humidity) and gram.
RH58% and RH62% unlocks smell, color, flavor and texture – all allowing the medicine to burn cooler. Cannabis in a sealed container with Fiber humidity pack RH62% retains 15% more terpenes and trichome retention than the same container without Fiber humidity pack RH62% inside. Fiber humidity pack RH62% helps Cannabis add and remove moisture to maintain an unchanging moisture content to prevent the loss of terpenes through micro evaporation. And by stabilizing the weight, you’ll no longer lose the average of 10% of your inventory to evaporation.

The biggest enemy to fine cigars are the wrong humidity level and fluctuations or cycles in humidity. Fiber humidity pack works flawlessly in humidors and in factory packaging to remove all barriers to properly humidified distribution, merchandising and aging. Such as RH65%, RH69%, RH72%, RH75%, RH84%.

For guitar, RH49% maintains their shape, wooden instruments need to be stored at a stable 45-55% RH (relative humidity). Wide fluctuations in humidity will cause the wood to expand or shrink, which puts stress on the instrument and makes it lose tune.

For Badminton, Keep RH80% of the humidity inside the tube will increased 2 times the resistance to beat 360°Full moisture, not easy to damage, and extend the service life of 4 months 4 months.

In addition, it has the following advantages. 1. FASTEST Activation - 3 X’s faster activation to get to proper RH level 2. No risk of liquid or gel leakage which will spoil your product 3. No corrosive salt ingredients 4. No risk of cross-contamination 5. Relative Humidity accurate within 2 degrees 6. 1 Year Shelf Life 7. Formulated specifically for hemp & cannabis 8. Foil packaged to prevent UV activation & evaporation 9. No risk of under or over-moisturizing product 10. Fiber humidity pack outlasts the competition, by working up to 120 days after activation 11. Prevents against mold & mildew 12. Safe for food contact 13. Biodegradable & plant-based membrane 14. Customized logo.

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