SHHYCO - Professional in Desiccant and Humidity Pack for packaging use.
    SHHYCO is a high-tech enterprise which located in Shanghai, has been in business for over 18 years developing desiccant and humectant products for international markets. The company has grown to a staff of over 50 employees, including that of 10 employees focused on research and development. From business innovators to PhD Scientist in Chemistry, the team is devoted to producing cutting edge technology and partnering with other organizations and business that share a common value in honest partnerships and trustworthy products and relationships. The company prides itself with over 30 patents to date, 6 additional patents pending, and 17 trademarks. The company maintains a facility of over 300,000 sq. ft, which utilizes 2 industry standards, 13 enterprise standards, and ISO quality management certifications, including (European Food Standard name).
    Our trusted customer history includes that of fortune 500 companies, all of which depends on SHHYCO’s knowledge, expertise, and experience to provide them with the highest quality products; that ensure safety, reliability and freshness among a long list of other expectations and requirements held by our customers.

    SHHYCO has become one of the leader in a full range of i-dry and i-Humi. All of which are designed to be effective in protecting the integrity of the customer’s products.
Our culture is to strive to be the best by taking pride in what we do, our products, and what is built into SHHYCO to serve and exceed our customers’ expectations. Let the product speak for itself and ensure our partnerships and customers can count on us.
Building 12, No. 77, Fulin Road, Xinhe Town, Chongming District, Shanghai.
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