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Multi-purpose Household Moisture-absorbing Pouch
The multi-purpose moisture-absorbing pouch is a high performance and green desiccant. With its advanced moisture-capturing technology, the moisture-absorbing pouch is  able to effectively protect your home against mildew damage, musty odor and rust.

Different packing weights or sizes suiting different areas or places to achieve humidity control purposes;
Packing materials: Tyvek paper or non-woven paper;
RoHS and SGS certified;
Non-toxic, odorless and eco-friendly

Closet, Storage Bin, Wardrobe, Drawer, Safe;   
Bathrooms, Basement, Attics, Crawlspaces, Boat Compartment


Plant Fiber Dehumidifying Sheet
The Plant Fiber Dehumidifying Sheet is designed for moisture absorbing and musty odor elimination in confined space like cabinet, closet, book case and storage box etc.


  • Exclusively patented, natural plant fiber material and non-toxic;
  • 100% degradable, eco-friendly and no risk of leakage;
  • Faster and more efficient in moisture absorbing;
  • Flexible combo options for various application;
  • Slice shape fit for use in slit


Hanging Moisture Absorber
The Hanging Moisture Absorber is designed for moisture absorbing and musty odor elimination in the confined place where you can hang stuffs like closet.


  • Unique formula with new polymer material; environment-friendly;
  • Super-strong moisture absorbing capability;
  • Excellent water-lock function to prevent risk of leakage;
  • Good adaptability to space by rotatable hook;
  • Easy to check effect via hand feel


Mini Moisture Absorbing Pouch
The Mini Moisture Absorbing Pouch is designed particularly for wet and odor shoes use, getting shoes dry after strenuous sports like running, basketball, football, ice hockey, table tennis and so on;
It works efficiently to expel the moisture and odor from your shoes; you can dry them in turn to keep every pair of shoes at your home smell the same;
Fragrance is optional to make it smell well


Reusable Auto Damp Killer
Made from natural silica gel (Type A); with Smart Regeneration Indication Dot;
Car Deodorizer has been now widely used at home or in car to remove bad smell, make air dry and protect your stuffs away from musty odors caused by excess moisture;  it helps create a dry, natural healthy and comfortable home and car environment;
Pouch can be regenerated in the microwave oven


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